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Reel Packaging Products

L-S Industries has been supplying the wire and cable industry for over thirty years.  We provide both light-duty and protective reel wraps for wire, cable, rope, coiled tubes, and any other product shipped and stored on reels.  We also provide other reel packaging products such as flange liners, drum wraps, protection rings, printed placards, and side covers for metal spoke reels.  These products really apply to any industries that use reels to package their products.  Contact us to see which products will best meet your needs.

Reel Wraps

We convert and fabricate a wide variety of light-duty and protective materials that can be used to wrap around a reel of product.  These wraps are can be applied in between the flanges of your reels, or some can even be stapled to the rolling edge (similar to wood lagging).  All of these wraps can be secured with plastic strapping or tape.

We cut these products to fit your reel dimensions so whether it's the inside traverse measurement or the outside traverse measurement you'll be covered.  The majority of these products come in rolled form.  We can sheet them to the exact length if desired to make packaging your reels more efficient.

We also have the ability to combine multiple materials to meet your needs of impact protection or water-resistance.  One of our most popular is the heat-scored CABLEGUARD with a closed-cell foam laminated to the underside.  Not only does the foam provide a cushion up against the cables when the wrap is banded down, it adds a good amount of impact protection.  Click here to learn more about CABLEGUARD.  It's approved by the NMFTA for transporting fiber optic cable.

L-S Industries can also provide you with a heavy-duty wrap for protecting your reels exported overseas.  Our EXPORTGUARD wrap offers significant cost savings vs. wood lagging (both in materials cost and labor to apply).  EXPORTGUARD is easy to apply and does not need to be heat-treated or pest-certified.  Click here to learn more about EXPORTGUARD.

Light-duty reel wraps                                                                                                               Protective reel wraps

Single-face Kraft

Single-face Corrugated Plastic

Poly-coated Linerboard

Solid Plastic Sheeting

Closed-cell Foam

Double-face Corrugated Plastic

XF Film

Scored Fiberboard Sheets

Thermal Wrap

Heat-scored CABLEGUARD


Reel Wrap Materials Test - This is a video shows our various reel wrap materials just over 2 years after they were set out in the elements in Knoxville, TN.  These wraps were subject to sun, rain, and snow.  As expected, the plastic wraps fared very well after being out in the elements.  Most of these wraps are designed to be just a transport wrap to get your product from point A to point B but we wanted to see how they would hold up if the reels were left out in the elements for an extended period of time.  The polypropylene wraps lasted about 2 years but the HPDE wraps lasted around 4 years before getting brittle.

Other Reel Packaging Products

L-S Industries offers some complimentary products for products packaged on reels such as drum wrap, flange liners, printed placards, and side covers.

Drum wraps: 
gives a smooth surface on older wooden reel drums or rusty metal reel drums.  Some of the exterior wraps serve as drum wraps too.  Depending on what the need is, we have several options.  Thin solid plastic sheeting is excellent for providing a smooth surface that is weather-resistant.  Our closed-cell foam is excellent for absorbing imperfections in wooden reel drums.

Flange liners: 
We also excel at cutting flange liners that protect cables from imperfections in the reel flanges.  These "donuts", depending on which material they are made from, can be stapled, taped, glued, or even secured with plastic plugs to the reel flanges.  Some options, like corrugated plastic, offer long-term solutions for providing a chemical and weather-resistant surface to be used again and again.  Flange liners can be cut as whole donuts, c-cut, or as 2 half-moon shapes to fit around your reel drum.

Protection Rings:  Another cost saving product we offer is our plastic protection rings.  These "donuts" are stapled to the outside of the reel to protect the tail end of the cable during shipments.  These are significantly cheaper than metal rings, or donuts, traditionally used for impact protection.  We also have an inexpensive product for protecting the cable tails on the inside of the flanges.  Our tail protectors can be cut to any size and will protect the tail on the inside of the flange.

Placards/Side Covers:  We can also print on plastic placards and full side covers that secure to metal spoke reels that display your company logo, any handling instructions you'd like, and a place to secure order information for that particular reel.

Click here for a downloadable booklet on all of our reel packaging products.