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Custom Conversion and Fabrication

L-S Industries, Inc
. (L-SI) provides reliable, custom conversion and fabrication of materials, primarily for industrial packaging.  We specialize in cutting, laminating, heat-sealing, and sonic-welding. We inventory a variety of materials to offer quick turnaround times in most cases.  We have converting experience with a variety of materials for several different industries and applications.  We can help you select the right material for the application you need.

L-S Industries serves many industries including wire & cable, aluminum & steel, horticulture, document handling, warehousing, automotive, and material handling, to name a few.


                 Cutting rolled materials

Cutting rolled and sheeted materials


               Laminating rolled materials together

Laminating rolled and sheeted materials

Sonic-welding & Heat-sealing


Sonic-welding & heat-sealing plastics

Converting and Fabricating

To convert or fabricate means to transform or assemble a material into a unique product.  By cutting a rolled material to width or to length, or cutting a shape out of a material we are creating a unique product for a specific customer.  For instance, cutting a rolled product down to 25 1/2" inches wide by 100' long, you are creating a reel wrap to the exact size of a customer's reel so their employees do not have to do any cutting or converting on site.  We help you do what you do best.  Also, combining materials creates something completely unique for you.  Taking a circle made from one material and laminating a rolled material around the outside of it creates a custom coil cover to fit exactly over your flat-rolled coils of aluminum or steel.  Click here for examples of the major product lines we produce.

We primarily convert materials for industrial packaging applications.  We convert materials like corrugated plastic, corrugated kraft, closed-cell foam, fiberboard, linerboard, plastic films, shoddy (recycled carpet fibers), and fabrics like spunbond and brushed nylon.  While packaging is a main focus of our business, our capabilities allow for so much more.  We manufacture products such as tree guards for protecting young trees and corrugated plastic totes used for storage and transport of
documents, apparel, and other smaller products.  We can convert almost any material, click here for our main converting capabilities.

Why L-S Industries?

L-S Industries is your partner for custom manufacturing and converting to suit your specific needs.  We have a working knowledge of what materials work best in certain situations and can help you select the right materials to meet your needs and fit your budget.  We purchase many different materials in high volumes to get the best price available for you.

Contact us today to find out what L-S Industries can do for you.

L-S Industries, Inc. 
8902 Valgro Road
Knoxville, TN 37920
1-800-825-2561 Toll Free

What's new?

Take a look at our new product options for Custom Foam Inserts and Laminated Sheets for Automotive parts packaging.